Advertising with the Urban Experience Magazine

We are a positive and upbeat magazine that provides cultural, financial, and educational information. The Des Moines Urban Experience Magazine highlights individuals who are making a difference in the city of Des Moines and throughout the state of Iowa. We provide a voice for those who may feel their voice has been ignored, and educate readers on the arts, public affairs, finances, and provide articles that will inspire. 


Our publication is free, and is currently at 20 locations throughout the city and over 35 churches for 1,000 print copies. We have over 1,000 individuals who receive the magazine via email. 

Our magazine is shared with 8,000 people on Facebook.

There is a targeted distribution when we attend special events such as I’ll Make Me a World, The Iowa Juneteenth Observance, and a variety of festivals throughout the city. 

Total Distribution: 10,000


full page.jpg

Full Page w/ bleeds   

8.75"w x 11.25"h

         1X - $850 each ad

         3X - $750 each ad

         6X - $650 each ad

       12X - $550 each ad

half page.jpg

      Half Page w/ bleeds

         5.75"h x 8.75"w

         1X - $750 each ad

         3X - $650 each ad

         6X - $550 each ad

        12X - $450 each ad

quarter page.jpg

  One-Third Page w/ bleeds

            3"h X 7"w

           1X - $650 each ad

           3X - $550 each ad

           6X - $450 each ad

          12X - $350 each ad

Business Card—2.2"H x 4.6"W Color $480 yearly rate, Monthly Rate $40


Ad Specifications: Formats: PDF, WORD, JPEG or Publisher files preferred.

Resolution/Colors: All files need a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of their print size .


Advertisers Incentive

1 page of story text and a full page color advertisement on the Inside front, Inside back, Outside Back, 2-page spread



Deadline for Ads:  The 20th of each month.


Questions? please email us: